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NoName of MealDescriptionIngredients
1 Baby Meal
Suitable for infants less than 2 years old Yogurt, baby food
2 Child Meal
Suitable for children between 2 and 12 years old Fruits, juice, chocolate
Salad: vegetable salad, bread, vinaigrette
Main dish: beef with rice
3 Low Salt Meal
Salt, as well as naturally salted and processed foods are either eliminated or restricted in amount in the preparation of this meal Main dish: peas, rice, broccoli, chicken with white sauce
Dessert: fruits
4 Moslem Meal
No pork, pig by products Main dish: grilled chicken with pasta
Garnish: rice and black bread
Dessert: apple
5 Hindu Meal
This meal contains meat (lamb, poultry), fish, and/or dairy products. Typically cooked spicy or curried Main dish: rice, com, black bread, fish with hot sauce
Dessert: fruits
6 Diabetic Meal
With complex carbohydrates, high fibre, low fat and calories, it is suitable for both non-insulin and insulin dependent diabetics Main dish: beef or chicken potato, fried mushroom and fried egg
Garnish: mashed potato, fried mushroom and fried egg
Salad: vegetable salad, bread
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