Baggage :: Arms and Ammunition

Arms and Ammunition


Ceneral conditions

-           Passengers shall not be permitted to retain custody of ammunition, firearms and other weapons in the passenger cabin

-           Ammunition, firearms and other weapons shall only be accepted as checked baggage for carriage in the aircraft hold.

-           Firearms shall be unloaded, dismounted and suitably packed for such carriage. 

Please click here Firearms Declaration Form.

Preparing firearms for travel:

-          Firearms will be accepted provided they are packed in an appropriate carriage case.

-          The following items are accepted for transportation in hold:

-          Each firearm carried must be accompanied by the appropriate firearms certificate

-          The firearms must be unloaded

-          If possible the firearm should be dismantled

-          The total weight of the ammunition (including shell) must not exceed the allowance og 5 kg (11 lbs) per passenger per bag6

-          Firearms and ammunition are will not be included in the free baggage allowance and will be assessed normal excess baggage charge applies 

Notice to passengers