Special service :: Passenger with oxygen

  • Oxygen passenger request must be made prior to departure time.
  • Oxygen passenger must complete medical clearance (MEDIF) form by passenger’s doctor. Please download the MEDIF form.
  • Oxygen passenger must be accompanied by an escort. Doctor and nurse are preferable.


There should be code OXYG confirmed on booking.


MIAT Mongolian Airlines do not supply oxygen.

Medical oxygen can be carried by following conditions:

  • Gaseous oxygen or air cylinders required for medical use.
  • Each cylinder must not exceed 5 kg gross weight.
  • Cylinders, valves and regulators, where fitted, must be protected from damage that could cause inadvertent release of the contents.



MIAT Mongolian Airlines does not allow oxygen passenger on the flights in the following circumstance:
• Passenger needed oxygen continuously during the whole flight.

Notice to passengers