Attention for Members :
Special service :: Passenger on stretchers

  • Stretcher request must be made at least 72 hours prior to departure time.
  • Stretcher passenger must complete medical clearance (MEDIF) form by passenger’s doctor. Please download the MEDIF form.
  • Stretcher passenger must be accompanied by an escort. Doctor and nurse are preferable.
  • Not more than 1 stretcher passenger is accepted for carriage in one flight.


There should be SSR code STCR confirmed on booking.


Stretcher passenger charge is 6 times of one-way adult fare for economy class.

Notes :

MIAT Mongolian Airlines does not allow stretcher passenger on the flights in the following circumstances:
  • Passenger flow is more than 75 percent for the flight.
  • Passenger needed oxygen continuously during the whole flight.


MIAT Mongolian Airlines do not supply ambulances and passenger liable for arrange ambulance.

Notice to passengers