Rules :: ADM policy

According to IATA RESOLUTION 850M MIAT-Mongolian Airlines implemented our policy on Agency Debit Memos /ADM/. MIAT-Mongolian Airlines makes its policy transparent for all travel agents. 

ADMs are a legitimate accounting tool for use by airlines and should only be used to collect amounts or make adjustments to agent transactions in respect of the issuance/refund and use of the traffic documents issued by or at the request of the agent.

Alternative uses of ADMs may also exist: an ADM could also be issued for debits that are not directly related to Traffic Documents, e.g. deposits or penalties for group sales, Global Distribution System (GDS) or booking misuse, Electronic Miscellaneous document reason of issuance (etc.).

These ADMs will be handled as per IATA resolution 850M.

MIAT-Mongolian Airlines will raise ADM on

- A Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP)

- Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC) stock holder

- Non BSP/ARC non stock holder participating agents.Incorrect document sales or refund reporting and other prohibited practices for bookings which are not made in compliance with MIAT-Mongolian airlines booking and ticketing practices for all type of services, resulting in revenue leakage and loss of revenue opportunity. Where applicable, MIAT-Mongolian Airlines has used specific references from the relevant International Air Transport Association (IATA) resolutions.

- Travel agents obligations are described in IATA resolution 824, in which is stated that the agents should issue/refund documents  in compliance with Carrier’s fares, fare rules, general conditions of carriage and written instructions of the carrier to the agent (e.g. memo, circular, manual, etc). Airlines have the right to audit and send ADMs for all transactions that are not made in compliance with required booking and ticketing practices. MIAT-Mongolian Airlines reserves the right to revise the amount and amend the ADMs issuance process. Unless the agent produces credible evidence, the agent owes the Airlines the amount shown on the ADM.

Notice to passengers