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“МИАТ”ХК-ны АХЗҮГ БНСУ-ын EASTAR JET компаний 2 дахь агаарын хөлгийн хүнд хэлбэрийн үйлчилгээг амжилттай дуусгалаа

November 30th, 2014


    MIAT AMO in accordance with a service agreement with Eastar Jet, a Korean low cost carrier, completes its second heavy maintenance service on B737-700 aircraft in a short period with high satisfactory quality.

We have completed 12 year C check on a B737-700 aircraft putting 7900 man hours of work between 15th and 30th of November.

Requested by Eastar Jet the maintenance service period was shortened, thus production planning and materials logistics were performed with high reliability and efficiency to meet the customer requirement and the work was done 3 days short of the planned period.

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